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Setting up a Battlenet/pvpgn-1.8.1 server

Here is how I installed my pvpgn (bnet) server. It will be installed on linux without the mysql or pgsql support, which are used to store account information and only benefit servers with more than 100 active users or if you need to have ladder information appear on your website. In this installation simple file form was used.

Download the pvpgn file from here and upload+extract it to some folder on your server.

Once extracted open the src subdirectory inside the main folder, type in console cd /path-to-pvpgn/src

Then type ./configure –prefix=<path-where-you-want-to-install> or just ./configure to default install in /usr/local

In console type: make and once that is done without errors, type: make install

Now install the support files from here and extract into, by default install directory: /usr/local/var/files

The configuration file is located in, by default install directory: /usr/local/etc/ – and its the bnetd.conf file. I didn’t have to configure anything other than the server name.

The server should work with just that. If you are behind a router like I am, then you should open ports 6200 and 6112… or that’s what I did 😀

Finally start your server by typing: /usr/local/sbin/bnetd (that’s again the default install directory)

Thats all! It would be nice to hear if this helps someone or if something should be edited, so leave comments 😉



The starcraft server is up and running, it took me a while to fix everything related to my router, but now its fine. I’m thinking of writing some guides here for things like: how to set up a lamp server as fast as possible 😀 , ventrilo server and the init.d script, and other stuff I’ve played with.
Here are instructions for how to install the Ventrilo server on both Windows and Unix/Linux:
Have a look here for a few handy startup scripts for the server.

More servers

I installed a ventrilo server and at the moment I am working on installing pvpgn server which is equivalent to blizzards battlenet. So after that starcraft, warcraft, diablo, and other games work on it. While I was compiling it I found out that I was missing a few fundamental packages, but now I got all of them installed (hopefully). The packages where: gcc, g++, automake and autoconf… along with the packages that came through dependencies.


Server’s been up for about 3 weeks of which the last 4-5 days it didn’t work. I haven’t configured a static ip yet, so it changed while I was away from home. But now the new ip has been pointed to my url.


Write comments if you have something you need to ask.

Current OS:

Arch Linux / Windows 7