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These are my .Xdefaults that are for xterm.

! Black
*color0: #5A5A5A
*color8: #3e3e3e
! Red
*color1: #FF4747
*color9: #FF6767
! Green
*color2: #AFC81C
*color10: #bFC81C
! Yellow
*color3: #FDD338
*color11: #F4D461
! Blue
*color4: #619AF4
*color12: #5496FF
! Purple
*color5: #5F5A90
*color13: #826AB1
! Cyan
*color6: #47E0FF
*color14: #2ED9FB
! White
*color7: #FFFFFF
*color15: #DEDEDE

!xterm settings
xterm*background: #333333
xterm*foreground: #efefcf
xterm*dynamicColors: true
!xterm*utf8: 2
xterm*eightBitInput: true
xterm*saveLines: 32767
xterm*scrollTtyOutput: false
xterm*scrollBar: false
xterm*loginShell: true
xterm*faceName: Bitstream Vera Sans Mono:pixelsize=12
xterm*jumpScroll: true
xterm*multiScroll: true
xterm*toolBar: false

Xcursor.theme: DMZ
Xcursor.size: 24



It’s been a while since I last wrote anything. The reason being that I’ve been using the once only-a-server-box as my everyday pc since my newer one died on me. This endeavour has forced me to use linux even more and I’ve learned a lot. Right now I have a very minimal Debian install with Fluxbox. I have my old posts saved up in my gmail and on the computer. Earlier today I was trying to download the files from gmail, but ran into a scary scenario. When I made a tar backup of all the stuff that used to be on the server (not very much) I had to change the file extesion to .dat so that gmail would allow me to upload it. Then when I was ready to download it today I could not because the gmail anti-virus claimed that it contained a virus after a scan. Obviously the file didn’t contain a virus, the anti-virus just though it was suspicious. Later I tried to forward it to my hotmail account, but gmail displayed ”One of your attachments contained a virus and could not be sent. Remove attachment and send”. Finally I downloaded icedove (almost same as thunderbird) and fortunately I was able to download the file. So I suppose also other similary email clients can bypass this anti-virus, e.g. Outlook.


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