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Firefox 3 beta

I use Firefox because in everyday use it is superior to other browsers. It’s more secure, easy to use and personal. However, at the moment it’s not the fastest browser around, yet. Firefox 3 is still in beta stage, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it. Mainly, Firefox 3 fixes problems with memory consumption and leaks. Now the browser starts faster and uses less resources. Ofcourse there will be improvement in HTML and JavaScript performance among many other things. Best JavaScript performance is still in the hands of IE7, but I hope Firefox can narrow the difference. One handy feature that I would like in Firefox is a disable-images-hotkey like Opera has, since if you only need to read something, images are unnecessary. There are all sorts of benchmark tests around for browsers, but I feel that the best way to find the browser with the most performance is by playing around with them 😀 Try the Firefox 3 beta 5 if you already haven’t, and if you have, please comment about your experience with it.
Firefox beta download
Firefox 3 will be released with the codename Gran Paradiso, the date is still unknown.

– EDIT: I’ve encountered a problem with the release, read here



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