New Rig Project (3)

Today I installed the Scythe Ninja Plus Rev B heatsink, and here’s how it performed. At 3.0ghz the e8400 gave an idle temperature reading of 35C- So not bad, even though I think I might have applied a little too much thermal paste. Nevertheless, the max load temperature was 42C, which I am happy with.

I overclocked the e8400 to 3.6ghz with ease- I am amazed at how fast I was able to fix the bios settings on the Gigabyte ex38-dq6 motherboard. Much to my satisfaction, the overclock temperatures were 36C-37C idle, and 46C while running Prime95. I didn’t run Prime95 for very long, so I’d say the absolute max could be around 50C. Finally, I have to say that I am content with the Ninja’s performance with the 120mm fan on it. Now I’ve got a total of 3 120mm fans in the Antec Sonata III case- One at the front sucking in, second on the Ninja and the third at the back blowing out. All of the fans blow in the same direction to maximize air flow.


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