Many of you will recognize voip clients such as Teamspeak and Ventrilo, probably because you’ve used them to talk with friends while you play a game. Both the Ventrilo server and client have been my top choices for a long time, until now. Behold Mumble, an free opensource voip client. Ok, its free and opensource, that doesn’t convince everyone. However, Mumble has quickly become my first choice because it’s simply above all of it’s competition. Alright now a little background is needed. Recently I was playing Bloodline Champions (fast paced game similar to DOTA), while communicating through Ventrilo. My friend and I live in the same flat, and he was also playing the game. I instantly noticed a big delay in my voice reaching my friends speakers. In a fast paced game, this is unacceptable. So I started looking at alternative programs and quickly found Mumble.
Have a look at this, if you don’t believe that Mumble is superior:
I’m going to post about the minimalistic Mumble(Murmur) server called uMurmur sometime soon 😉 Hope you enjoy using Mumble!


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