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Conky configuration for XFCE4+Compiz

Lately I’ve been very interested in monitoring my system, mainly temperatures. When I use Windows I like to monitor temperatures with realtemp and to monitor my linux temps I use lm_sensors.

Constantly typing in “sensors” in terminal to view the cpu temperature got me a bit annoyed. So I installed Conky, a fancy configurable monitoring program that sits on your desktop and displays system information. However, even though Conky was easy to install and configure to display what I needed, making it work properly in the XFCE4, Compiz and Avant Window Navigator scenario turned out to be very difficult.

When I looked for solutions I found many, but none of them worked with my setup. The problem was that with any ‘default’ .conkyrc from the Conky website, Conky would dissapear when I opened any window and minimized it. I tried some own_window variables but there was always a new problem when the old one was fixed. Finally I though I had found a working config, but no, Conky would flash from beneath windows every now and then, making, for example, Firefox browsing very irritating. Finally I figured out the culprit, it was own_window_type. The workaround was to completely forget own_window_type and only use and arsenal of own_window_hints. Here’s what worked for me and I have a feeling that it could work for others having the same problem:

double_buffer yes
own_window yes
own_window_transparent yes
own_window_hints undecorated,sticky,below,skip_taskbar,skip_pager

See there’s no own_window_type. Amazing when all the possible solutions that I ran into had something to do with own_window_type, e.g. own_window_type desktop or own_window_type override. Now Conky works fine and I can move to calibrating the sensors output. Please comment if this helped, or if you need help 😀


Firefox 3 Beta 5 Not So Resource Friendly Sometimes

It seems I was a little too hasty in giving Firefox 3 Beta 5 as much credit as I did earlier. Ffb5 does work extremely well, untill it doesn’t. As far as I am able to tell, the browser becomes extremely slow at random times often after keeping the browser open for some time, this is a result of a boost in memory usage and cpu load for no apparent reason. Surprisingly this problem does not occur to everyone, I only found a few reports. Nevertheless, this is a very big issue, that didn’t occur in ffb4. Obviously the browser is in beta stage, so whining is out of question. However, I could have recommended ffb4 to those willing to experience the speed improvement with only a few downsides, but I can’t say the same for ffb5. As the release of Firefox 3 draws nearer, I hope this problem gets fixed as soon as possible. I will still keep using ffb5 🙂 Post comments if you are having a similar problem and also if you know what’s causing it.

Firefox 3 beta

I use Firefox because in everyday use it is superior to other browsers. It’s more secure, easy to use and personal. However, at the moment it’s not the fastest browser around, yet. Firefox 3 is still in beta stage, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it. Mainly, Firefox 3 fixes problems with memory consumption and leaks. Now the browser starts faster and uses less resources. Ofcourse there will be improvement in HTML and JavaScript performance among many other things. Best JavaScript performance is still in the hands of IE7, but I hope Firefox can narrow the difference. One handy feature that I would like in Firefox is a disable-images-hotkey like Opera has, since if you only need to read something, images are unnecessary. There are all sorts of benchmark tests around for browsers, but I feel that the best way to find the browser with the most performance is by playing around with them 😀 Try the Firefox 3 beta 5 if you already haven’t, and if you have, please comment about your experience with it.
Firefox beta download
Firefox 3 will be released with the codename Gran Paradiso, the date is still unknown.

– EDIT: I’ve encountered a problem with the release, read here


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